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Mold Removal in Imperial Beach Call (619) 664-4666

mold-removal-Imperial BeachMold removal is a problem that affects all homeowners in almost every part of California.  Even though our Imperial Beach climate is relatively dry, we still have mold growth due to rain, flooding, mus slides, pipe leakages, shower enclosure leads, sewage backups and many other sources of mold growth.  Therefore, even in Imperial Beach, there is a high chance of mold formation. If you are concerned over the growth of black mold in your home, then here are a few tips to help you with mold detection and mold removal in the Imperial Beach area.


Detecting Mold in your Imperial Beach home

Look for black patches in damp areas of your home. If there are any, make sure that those are not black mold.  Black mold carries harmful spore which can become airborne whan you try and clean them up.  Pregnant women and also children are more susceptible to black mold spores which can cause major health issues.  It would be a good idea to call in a progfessional mold remediation specialist in the Imperial Beach area to reduce the risk.

Possible Sick Structure Syndrome in your Imperial Beach home?

There is something called the Sick Structure Syndrome, where people become ill just by being in a building.  This can not only affect your home but also commercial and industrial buildings as well.  Some types of molds contain life-threatening toxic materials.  Allergic reactions can happen as well as severe skin rashes.  Breathing problems, such as asthma can become dramatically worse due to mold and mildew in your home.  There are several types of mold which can have harmful effects on your health.  It is a good idea to have a professional evaluation of mold spores in your home to be sure.  They can help you determine the best mold removal methods for your home in Imperial Beach

San Diego Water Damage Pros can help you determine whether or not you have mold or fungal issues within your home or office.  Our licensed professionals are experts in mold removal and mold remediation in the Imperial Beach area.  We are happy to evaluate your home and put your mind at ease.

Call San Diego Water Damage Pros at (619) 664-4666 for a free mold removal estimate today.

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